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Phil Coker is the founder of IMPACT FITNESS Training. With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, Phil is a keen sportsman who has competed at the highest levels in martial arts, and Knockdown Sport Budo (KSBO). IMPACT FITNESS training is founded on the premise that fitness changes lives for the better: physically, emotionally, and cognitively.

“I believe in promoting healthy living, both physically and mentally.
I practice what I preach.”

Phil is a protégée of Paul Lloyd Davies, and has trained alongside KSBO world-renowned international fighters such as Michael Bisping and Dan Hardy who compete professionally in the UFC.

Phil is passionate about fitness and believes it’s a lifestyle and not merely program(s). This passion led him to pursue numerous fitness qualifications with the hope of helping people live healthier lives, and empower them to improve their overall function in sports and personal pursuits.  Phil’s fitness qualifications include:

  • Future Fit – Advanced Personal Trainer 

  • Discovery – Kickboxing and KickFit Instructor (MMA Fitness)

  • Discovery – KettleBell

  • Advance Personal Trainer Boxercise

  • PLD – Skills Strength & Conditioning

  • Future Fit – Nutrition Weight Management 

  • Future Fit – Torso and Core Stability 

  • Future Fit – Fitness Instructor 

  • Future Fit – Circuit Training 

  • Zumba Basic Step 1

  • Qualified First Aider 

IMPACT FITNESS clients receive instruction, education, and motivation in the areas of exercise and fitness.  Every client is empowered to fully reach their desired level of fitness, with the ultimate goal of leading them to a consistently healthy lifestyle. 

With a standard of excellence, IMPACT FITNESS prides itself on proper exercise form, with a priority in injury prevention. Over time, our motto  “Fitness with a Smile” resonates with clients as they experience the immense positive changes that result from their experience at IMPACT FITNESS. 

  • Body fat reduction and weight loss

  • Cardiovascular Conditioning

  • Sports Specific Training

  • Muscle Toning/Body Sculpture/Core Training

  • Mass Building and Flexibility

The love of fitness, coupled with a desire to see all clients reach their personal best, drives IMPACT FITNESS to lead every client down the path to ultimate physical fitness.